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The success of SecurEcom lies in the specialized, diversified and recognized skills of highly qualified and experienced people… who are a pleasure to work with.

We are proud to offer our customers renowned experts who have made their mark within major firms in IT or other fields, working on large projects of international scope. When it comes to information security and technology, our professionals stand out for their vision and for their high level of risk management experience. Their knowledge of technology and cutting-edge practices ensure the latest advances are put to contribution. They are familiar with recognized approaches and possess undeniable skill: they easily adapt to any environment and make sure their proposals are user-friendly.

The SecurEcom team knows how to navigate troubled waters: complex environments, compliance with evolving laws and standards, explosion of new technologies, growing volume of data… our specialists have the capacity and vision to guide you safely to your destination.

  • Accurate understanding of your security needs and business objectives

  • Definition of your strategic priorities

  • Judicious selection of technologies

  • Highly professional support and decision-making assistance on strategic, tactical and operational front



Alain Scherrer, Eng. President

ALAIN SCHERRER has over 29 years of core experience in IT, IT & Cyber Security, Risk Management and the optimization of enterprise solutions. He is recognized within the industry as an expert in these fields, & is known to have played key roles in organizations recognized for strategic projects.

In 2000, he founded SecurEcom Advisory Services to support organizations in protecting their Data, Applications, Infrastructure, Cyber Security and helping them manage their risk. 

During the past 16 years, he & his team of highly skilled experts in IT, IT & Cyber Security & Risk Management, have supported clients, in Quebec, Canada and the United States.

Prominent clients operating in the telecommunications, banking, transportation, insurance, energy, technologies, government and public sectors attracted by SecurEcom’s cutting-edge expertise have awarded the company important mandates to redress their IT & Cyber Security and IT Risk management projects

In addition, SecurEcom's recognized expertise in IT & Cyber Security and Risk Management has led industry leaders to request SecurEcom to partner and manage security projects in the context of large tenders

During his work as managing partner of SecurEcom, he has had the opportunity to accompany and advise numerous business leaders in several aspects: Governance, Security & Risk Management.   

His extensive experience led him to note the crucial lack of clear, reliable and actionable information to support the decision-making of executives & specialists.

Recognizing that the analytic dashboards being used were of poor quality, requiring extensive effort, time to create & rarely produced the proper information needed to take action.    

To address this issue, in 2014, the division INDIKTM was created. INDIKTM ’s proprietary methodology & knowledge database are the power behind their product “INDIKTM Dashboards”. This cutting-edge SAAS product hosted on Amazon Cloud, helps companies create the finest IT, IT & Cyber Security & Risk Management Dashboards.

INDIKTM, with its revolutionary process, allows you to quickly visualize, easily understand & share data with minimum effort.

INDIKTM ’s proprietary “Knowledge Base”, was created with the expertise gathered from 30 yrs. experience & 100’s of mandates, working on IT, Cyber Security & Risk Management projects. The “Knowledge Database” contains metric categories & dashboard templates designed specially to address these issues, thereby reducing time, effort & costs while producing clear actionable steps for your company.

Further focused on providing you quality results, quicker & cheaper, the dashboard need only be developed once, thereafter the content and data can be updated endlessly, without ever having to revisit the initial design stage.

Visit us to see how your company can gain immediate benefits using INDIKTM Dashboards.

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Key areas of expertise

  • Advising to Chief Information Security Officers
  • Strategic security orientations
  • Compliance programs
  • Security programs
  • Security and risk management
  • Security and project management
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • E-commerce and security
  • Telecommunications architecture and management
  • Network and security architecture, Web architecture