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SecurEcom ensures that you are not exposed to attacks, malfunctions or vulnerabilities in your in-house applications, your ERP, your database or your Web applications. Make sure your applications are working for your business!

A breach in the security of your applications could have a disastrous impact on your business. SecurEcom experts can identify and integrate the solutions best suited to your needs. They have demonstrated their know-how with several types of application software, including 3-tier, management, monitoring, database and telecommunications applications.

Their vast experience brings a global vision and an integrated approach to the activities to be accomplished to ensure that your applications comply with the highest standards (SOX, 5970, PCI, HIPAA, etc.). Our specialists are well-versed in the normative and legal frameworks of various activity sectors as well as industry standards and best practices (OWASP, SDLC, OSSTMM, NIST, ISO, J2EE, FISCAM, SEI, GAO, etc.).

SecurEcom advisors can help reduce your risks by undertaking all functions related to applications security:

  • Application mapping

  • Test of controls

  • Security of Web applications (OWASP)

  • Review of ERP security

  • Management of access to transactions

  • Secured architecture

  • Application audit

  • Review of source code

  • Assistance with the selection of security solutions

  • Tests