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SecurEcom has an array of experts able to conduct investigations and analyze computer evidence in cases of legal action or computer abuse.

SecurEcom, with its computer scientists, mathematicians and electronic technicians who work closely with lawyers in information technology, can provide evidence in cases of legal action or computer abuse. Our team has developed its own investigative techniques in compliance with the Canada Evidence Act.

Our team offers services in five main areas:

  • Research and seizure of conviction pieces (preservation of evidence integrity, respect for legal procedures, creation of digital images of the work)

  • Presentation in court (subpoena—presentation of evidence in court for an injunction, assistance in preparing the plaintiff’s case)

  • Investigation (analysis, data reconstitution)

  • Incident response (immediate intervention of experts, securing of the environment, legal and secure collection of evidence)

  • Training (prevention, observation, reactions in case of suspicion, legal follow-up)