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SecurEcom ensures that your information and services are available and secure, thanks to its technological expertise and ability to implement highly effective solutions.

Our experienced consultants are CISSSP or CISM certified. They have been closely involved in deploying numerous technological and security infrastructures. Their process takes into account the normative and legal frameworks of various activity sectors as well as the standards and best practices of the industry (TOGAF, NIST, ISO, J2EE, EA, SOA, SANS).


SecurEcom experts support you in all steps of the process so that you can count on secured and reliable information and optimal infrastructures:


  • Development of a strategic plan for IT and its security

  • Definition of the architectures to support your services

  • Design of solutions: selection of technologies, specifications, proof of concept, assembly of various technologies

  • Technical integration (validation, end-to-end integrated tests, parameterization)

  • Operational integration of the new solutions

  • Technology set-up, planning, layout, processes and procedures

  • Optimization of the solutions, technologies and infrastructures



  • Telecommunications: routers, switches, communication protocols and network services

  • System components: servers and workstations, operating system, three-tier architecture, configuration and settings

  • Virtual environments

  • Security: applications and network firewall, IDS/IPS

  • Technologies from various manufacturers


  • Identity and access management (IAM)

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI)

  • Company directory (AD, eDir, LDAP, etc.)

  • EA, SOA

  • J2EE

  • SaaS and Cloud Computing